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Crimped Wire Mesh for Architecture

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The crimped mesh is stable and rigid after the crimping process. Our pre-crimped woven mesh is available in intercrimp, lock crimp and flat top woven styles, and it is ideal for architectural applications.

Crimped mesh is made from high quality stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, brass wire, copper wire and other alloy materials.

It is a new decorative material in the modern architecture industry and widely used as grilles, balustrades,light reflecting, ceilings, sun screening, facade cladding, wall covering, interior partitions, shelving, store fixtures,curtains, isolation and much more.

The advantages of crimped mesh include

1) Diversity of sizes and meshes

2) Versatility, unique texture,

3) Variety of color, durability and flexibility

4) Ventilation, lighting and visibility

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