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Ordering Wire Mesh is Easy

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Six Key Criteria

Ordering wire mesh from web wire mesh is easy.

We have identified six key criteria to consider when ordering material or requesting a quote.

1) Quantity Needed

How many rolls or pieces do you need?

A standard roll is 100 lineal feet. When full rolls are shipped from stock, the length is subject to a variation of 10%.

Additionally, on most items, we are often able to provide customers with cut-to-size pieces.

2) Dimensions Needed

What is the length and width of each roll or piece. Stock widths are usually 24¡±, 30¡±, 36¡±, 48¡±, and 60¡±.

Special widths can be furnished exactly to fractions of an inch.

3) Mesh

Number of openings per lineal inch. Or space cloth, opening size (in inches) between parallel wires.

4) Wire Diameter

Expressed in decimal inches.

5) Metal or Alloy

Please check our website about the material.

6) Type of Weave

Plain, twilled, plain dutch, twilled dutch, or specify if the material is welded.

For Example

A customer would place an order for the following:

1) 10 rolls 100 ft x 36¡± wide

2) 6 x 6 mesh ( 6 openings per inch in each direction)

3) .032¡± diameter wire

4) Type 304 Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

5) Plain Weave

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