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Can I Get a Sample

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Web will gladly provide samples for your testing and inspection.

Samples and Sizes

Our company stipulated that, belongs to a conventional type area(does not contain noble metal) below 0.1 square meter or the weight in 50 gram below, sample free, mails the expense to pay.

Cannot accept the area or the county seat which pays,  the town, the village, the street. The customer will have to mail the expense to infiltrate the sample to sell in advance to assign in the account.

Latter sells by the sample to send the sample. Cooperated the customer is an exception. The non- conventional type non- on-hand merchandise supply, needs specially to make to order, then sells by the sample pre- to calculate the sample according to the manufacture cost to present evidence the price.

This sample manufacture expense (including a material + mold +loss + man-hour of expense) after signs the list, may deduct in the loans.

If you need larger pieces of material, contact us for a quote.

You can select samples from any of our listed meshes. Expedited UPS shipping is available for an additional charge.

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