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Plain Dutch & Twill Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

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Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

Plain dutch weave wire cloth is woven using two sizes of wire. Smaller wires, as small as micron size, are used in the shute direction and are woven with a larger warp wire.

The smaller wires are woven tightly together, providing a tight mesh for filtering. The larger wire provides strength to the mesh. The mainly used of this wire cloth are filtration and separation of liquid .

Twill Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

Twill dutch weave wire cloth including Dutch and twill weaving to provide a fine mesh filtering cloth. Shute wires are passed over and under two warp wires, providing a tight and fine filter with tapered openings.

The weaving process allows for the used of very fine wires, to micron size, producing filtering mesh for gas and liquid applications

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