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304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Introduction

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Stainless steel wire mesh is a durable, strong, and corrosion resistant material that is very popular are industrial application.

304 stainless steel wire mesh, to include difference wire diameter to meet customers specific requirements.

304 Chemical composition %

304 physical property

T-304 Stainless Steel Mesh is available in woven constructions.

T-304 stainless steel wire mesh is the most common stainless alloy in the wire mesh industry.

T-304 stainless steel is often referenced as ¡°18-8¡± due to 18% chromium and 8% nickel chemical composition. The inclusion of chromium and nickel allows steel to become resistant to staining and corrosion.

Further, differing amounts of carbon, chromium and nickel affect the secondary characteristics, T-304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is non-magnetic in the annealing condition.

According to industrial standards, T-304SS melts at 2500oF, but the max request temperature for continuous is largely get at 1500.

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