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With the popularization of diverse types of electronic equipment, the importance of the problem of the electromagnetic environment has come to be widely recognized, and various studies aimed at satisfying the requirements of a good electromagnetic environment have been carried out. In order to protect the integrity of your electronic devices from the damaging effects of electromagnetic interference or radio frequency waves, it is important to use EMI/RFI shielding products. We have been developing expanded metal products for the shielding industry applications,including
Telecommunications systems
Medical electronics
Aerospace and avionics applications
Industrial controls

Formed from sheet metal, the shape, pattern and open areas are engineered to match the needs of your particular application. Many different metals can be custom expanded to shield against specific wavelength spectrum¡¯s. The shielding material we can produce is stainless steel, steel .copper, nickel etc. They can be laminated, coated and sometimes plated.
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