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At the filter manufacturing you can use expanded metal for the filter production. Expanded metal is perfectly acceptable to use for the production of air conditioner vents and filter components, automotive pumps, construction equipment, commercial/residential home air extractors, air filters and screens, fluent filters and screens, ventilation systems, strainers and grills etc.

Expanded metal has several advantages. It is a cost effective alternative to perforated metals, and no metal is lost in the expanding process. Unlike woven wire products, expanded metal will not ravel; if cut at one end, the remaining strands continue to hold. But also because it is possible to stretch the material to very fine mesh that can fit into some filters depending on which permeability you need. It is versatile, with a great variety of sizes, styles and weights offering many choices to suit for your specific applications whether for air, solid, liquid filtration or retention.

Expanded metal materials for filters:

Steel:Cold Rolled,Hot Rolled (HRS),Galvaneal,Electro Galvanized,Hot Dipped

Stainless Steel




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