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Drilling Equipment

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Drilling Fluid

When drilling for oil, a drilling fluid is used both to make the drilling more effective and to remove cuttings and material from the wellbore.

This liquid, commonly referred to as ¡°mud¡±, is water or oil based containing different chemicals.

The composition depends of the kind of formation that the drill bit penetrates. Since the mud is both environmentally harmful and costly it is continuously circulated in a closed loop system and stored on the rig/ship after the drill operation for future use.

Cuttings consist of rock (shale, clay, claystone, sand, salt,etc.). These cuttings follow the mud flow to the rig where it is cleaned by a shale shaker machine and recirculated through the wellbore.

Vibrating Machine

The shale shaker is a vibrating machine using a very fine mesh that separates the cuttings from the fluid.

The mesh is often divided into six or eight sections, each mounted on a frame, called shale shaker screens.

Shale shaker screens are made of stainless steel wire mesh bonded to perforated metals and are available to fit all major manufacturers¡¯ shale shakers.

We also use stainless steel wire mesh affixed directly to a welded frame for other designs.

We manufacture a complete line of shale shaker screens for all shale shakers in the oil field drilling industry.

Whether your vibratory shaker is linear, elliptical, or a circular motion machine, we can provide a quality screen for you.

Characteristics of shale shaker screens

a variety of mesh combinations high quality screen construction, minimizing screen mechanical failures
Multi layers construction offers better de-blinding characteristics for consistent flow rates.

Improved bonding technique ensures stability of cloth openings to offer consistent particle separation
handle large liquid flow rate capacity, plugging & blinding resistance, durable & long lasting construction.

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