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Expanded Metal Used in Car grilles

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In automotive engineering, a grille, covering an opening in a vehicle, allows air to enter into your car. Most vehicles have a grille at the front of the vehicle.

The grille not only protects the radiator and engine, but also highlights the beautiful.

In keeping with the technologically advanced design and engineering that has gone into the car, we are able to offer you a wide choice of expanded metals for the car grilles.

As automotive grilles, expanded metal play a major role in intake and ventilation for water tank, engine and air-condition, to prevent the damage to the interior parts from foreign objects, while car is traveling.


1) Good material, smooth surface and fine workmanship

2) Various types, light weight and easy to cut

3) Easy to install and without opening

4) Beautiful appearance, affordable, corrosion resistance and long service life

This expanded metal can be altered in shape and cut with proper tools to fit for the various car grilles.

It is made from the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum.


1) Thickness:0.8mm,1.0mm,1.5mm

2) Hole size

Diamond pattern: 5x10mm, 6X12mm, 8x16mm,10x20mm

Hexagonal pattern: 7x25mm,8x25mm

3) Sheet size:20x120cm,25x100cm,30x120cm,40x120cm,50x100cm,50x120cm

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