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Expanded Metal Mesh Used in Architecture

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Expanded metal is a metal sheet with openings in the area.

They are formed by cuts in the transverse direction and at the same time stretching in length without loss of material.

Because of the unique three-dimensional structure of expanded metal, it can be used for architecture projects.

1) Architectural fencing, windows, door & skylight guards.

2) Interior design, interior partitions & barriers,speaker grilles.

3) Drive & sidewalk gates,light diffusers, signage,sunshades.

4) Facades, ceiling panels,walkways, stairways,ceiling and wall lighting.

5) Shelving,building cladding,car park enclosures,security screening,balustrade panels etc.

Architectural expanded metal is strong, light weight, rigid, adaptable to finishing processes, and allows the free passage of air, light, heat and sound. In addition, it offers functional attractiveness.

Expanded metal is innovative product with a very good ratio between the price and quality of technical characteristics.

It is easy to bend, cut and to do any metalworking with it.

We produce a variety of decorative styles available in aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, copper and many other materials.

On these products we can propose modern surface treatments in relation to style, design and long-lasting, such as natural and color anodization, galvanization and all the RAL colous.

We also custom design decorative mesh patterns to meet your specific requirements.

Most of our patterns are manufactured on a special order basis.

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