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Expanded Metal Mesh for Fence

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Expanded metals are manufactured from a single sheet of steel that is cut and stretched into an open diamond mesh design that will not unravel and is extremely difficult to cut or climb.

The flexibility of expanded metal makes it well-suited for various security measures.

For facilities, homes, and businesses, expanded metal security fencing provides unparalleled protection and security.

Expanded metal fence will not bend. It is rigid and solid with no welds that will weaken or twists that can come undone.

The smaller the mesh, or opening size of the diamonds, the more difficult a fence is to climb.

With expanded metal fence, there is no way to get a toe hold for climbing or even a strong finger hold.

Expanded metal security fencing can be available in a wide range of mesh sizes and shapes, including large, heavy, and grating meshes.

Mesh sizes are flexible, strong, and economical, with heavy and large mesh patterns available in ¾¡± to 1 ½¡± and larger.


1) Simple to install, difficult to breach

2) Providing strength, visibility and ventilation

3) Offering strength, resistance and durability

4) Several diamond pattern and mesh size options for different levels of security

5) Choice of finish - galvanized or powder coat black or green, custom colors available

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