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Expanded Metal Mesh for Speaker Grill Cover

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We are a specialist in the production of expanded metals used primarily in speaker grill cover applications.

Production capability ranges from small automotive applications up to large speaker assemblies.


1) Home audio speakers and custom in-wall speaker grilles

2) Professional audio custom grills for amplifier cabinets, public address speakers, and sub-woofers

3) Car audio speaker grilles

4) Outdoor audio speaker grille cover for homes, businesses or marine

Whatever the size of the speaker, it may be aesthetically good with expanded metal.

Consider the design and do not be limited to how you can design a speaker grill or protection.

Expanded metal is perfectly possible to shape without having to process the material.

It offer sound transparency and visual concealment. The protection is rather good, especially in smaller hole formats.

Expanded metal speaker grill covers are manufactured in many materials including stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.

It is also available in a variety of finished coatings, are then primed and ready to paint matching to your specifications.

The speaker grill covers can be made in diamond, round, square and hexagonal patterns for most any applications.

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