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Advantages of Expanded Metal

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Expanded metal is formed from a single piece of metal.

It have the following advantages

1£© Outstanding corrosion resistance

Our expanded metal is ideal for applications involving industrial acids, for the electroplating of baskets and in seawater for fish cages and lobster pots.

When suitably coated, expanded metal mesh, due to the absence of joins and welding seams, offers better performance than woven and welded mesh.

2£©Premium reinforcement properties

Expanded metal works as a barrier for the purposes of security and storage.

Our Securilath products impede illegal access through walls and partitions whilst simultaneously strengthening the resilience of the protected area.

3£©Anti-skid surface

The knuckles formed by expanding mesh offer secure grip when deployed for steps, ramps and walkways.

We have also developed a range of specific slip-resistant walkway meshes.

The purchase obtained through the mesh also enables a multipoint contact with dry racks.

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