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What is Knitted Mesh Gasket and Types

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The knitted wire mesh gaskets can be used for industrial microwave oven doors, communications cabinets,rail infrastructure etc.

Knitted mesh gaskets are formed by knitting stainless steel wire, steel wire,copper wire,aluminum wire,monel wire,nickel wire into continuous strips.

Knitted wire mesh gaskets can be combined with elastomer to provide shielding and sealing to required level.

Gasket types

1) Solid mesh

Knitted mesh may be formed into various cross-sections, usually square, rectangular or round.

Such sections offer very good shielding performance due to their high metal density and but require a relatively high compression force.

2) Elastomer cored mesh

These gasket are manufactured by knitting wire directly over extruded elastomer cores. It gives a gasket the good shielding performance .

3) Knitted mesh tapes

Knitted mesh can be formed into a tape up to 300mm wide. In this form it is ideally suited to cable shielding industry.

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