5”compound sand screen


Pipe Diameter:  5”
Type:  compound screen
Material:  stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L
Pipe Length:  3m,6m,12m
Application:  vertical wells, deviated well, horizontal wells, cased hole and open hole wells in kinds of oil, gas, water wells and sand control industry

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5” compound sand control screen


u SY/T 6916-2012

u Anping Web Wire Mesh Co.Ltd. Sand Control Screen Process and Technical Parameters

Brief description

5” compound sand control screen is made of 5” base pipe, precision woven filter mesh and stainless steel protection screen with max 148mm outside diameter. The base pipe is in accordance with API specs, and filter mesh is welded by 3 layers different dutch weave mesh, it can be used in vertical wells, horizontal wells, cased hole and open hole wells for sand control. With good sand-control effects, uniform screen, high permeability and blockades ability, large filtration area, low flow resistance and deformation resistance ability, the screen can filter out more formation sand.

Technical parameter


u Vertical wells, deviated well and horizontal wells

u Cased hole and open hole wells


Sand control screen should be packed firmly and securely. When packing, sand control are appears in pipes. They are wrapped with moisture-proof paper or other packing materials inside.The outer package should be wooden pallets or wooden cases.We can also pack according to customer requirements.

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