100x36mm Expanded Metal


Shape:  diamond
LWDxSWD:  100x36mm
Thickness:  2-6mm
Strand Width:  4.05-9mm
Material:  Stainless Steel,Steel,Copper,Aluminum,Nickel
Size:  1x1m,1x2m,1.22x2.44m
Application:  heavy machinery and equipment protection, highway and railway safety mesh, water power facilities

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100x36mm Expanded Metal


u QB/T 3896-1999

u Anping Web Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. Expanded Metal Process and Technical Parameter

Brief Description

100x36 mm aperture heavy expanded metal is made from 2-6mm thickness metal plate by uniformly slit and stretched,forming 100x36 mm diamond opening in the metal sheet. The mesh is kind of heavy load mesh and be with features of slip resistant,rugged,big bear gravity,strong tensile,good ventilation and light performance,easy in maintenance and construction etc. It is widely used in large-scale heavy machinery and equipment protection, highway and railway safety mesh, water power facilities,and can also be used for construction, highways, bridges as reinforced.


u Stainless Steel:201, 202, 205, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321

u Steel:Q195, Q215, Q235

u Copper:red copper plate (C10200,C11000),brass plate(CuZn40,CuZn37,CuZn35,CuZn30,CuZn20,CuZn5)

u Aluminum: pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate(1050, 5052, 5056)

u Nickel: N2, N4, N6, nickel alloy 2080, monel 400, monel 600

Surface Treatment

u Galvanized: hot-dipped galvanized plate, electric galvanized plate

u PVC coated: Colors in black, green, blue, white, or customized by clients’ request.

u Powder coated: Black, white.

u Anodized

Form types

Expanded metal is generally formed in standard(raised) type or flattened type.

u Standard Expanded Metal is directly slit and stretched by punching machines without other processing,The strand width and bond come in with an angle with the plate surface. This kind structure increase the strength and hardness of expanded metal,it also brings better anti-slipping and reinforcing performance.
u Flattened expanded metal is formed by flattening process based on standard expanded metal. Its strand width and bond are in the same horizontal plane with plate surface. Compared with standard expanded metal,the plate thickness will be thinner and opening will be larger.

Technical parameter

Size: 1x1m,1x2m,1.22x2.44m


u LWD stands for long way of distance

u SWD stands for short way of distance

u T stands for mesh thickness

u W stands for strand width

u The weight is calculated according to stainless steel. Stainless steel density is 7.93g/cm3,

       copper or nickel density is 8.90g/cm3,aluminum density is 2.73g/cm3


u large-scale heavy machinery and equipment protection

u safety mesh for highway and railway

u water power facilities

u Reinforced for construction,highways and bridges.


Expanded metal should be packed firmly and securely.When packing,expanded metal appears in roll type and flat type.They are packed in wooden pallets generally.Each pallet load 1 ton-2.5 tons and wrapped with plastic film. We can also pack according to customer requirements.

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