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Web Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd is one of Chinese professional wire mesh supplier. Founded in 1998, Web Wire Mesh is in Chinese hometown of wire and mesh,business throughout Germany, Britain, France, America, Spain, Australia, and more than 60 countries and regions. After 28 years, our company has expanding production scale, production technology updated, stronger technical force , ultimately formed four main series, including woven mesh, expanded metal, filter and wedge screen.

Now we have 8 engineers,technical staff and research personnel, equipped with advanced testing equipment and processing equipment, CAD, 3Dmax design software to design and develop new products. In recent years, we have produced suction exhaust filter, auto stone guard, car grille, shielding tape,sterilizer etc. Its good quality and excelllent workmanship won the praise of domestic and foreign customers.

One Wire One Hole One World------Woven Mesh
At present, Web Wire Mesh has woven mesh machines including imported machines about 40 sets, mainly produce stainless steel wire mesh,copper wire mesh,aluminum wire mesh,nickel wire mesh,crimped wire mesh. Among of them, stainless steel mesh width is up to 6m, roll length up to 200m, the total annual output of 60,000 rolls, widely used in petroleum, chemical, shielding, food, mining, printing, paper, etc. Moreover meet the conventional goods at the same time, Web Wire Mesh with absolute trust R&D team, provide customers solid technical force in the development and production of new woven mesh products. It is worth mentioning our newly developed battery mesh make a tremendous contribution for battery energy storage.

Gold In The Hole------Expanded Metal Series
Now expanded metal and perforated metal has become an industrial building essential support materials and demand doubled. Web Wire Mesh has 20 sets of punching equipment and expanding equipment, in addition to several sets of plate shears,flattening machines and cutting machines. Also have 30 sets of expanded metal molds. With many years of experience in punching, we meet the customer punching accuracy ,at the same time provide suitable suggestions for size,hole shape and arrangement

High Efficiency Filtration------Filter Series
The filter products mainly include demister pads,conical strainers,filter discs,filter tube etc. It uses high quality filter material, various types, strict control filter accuracy, widely used in chemical, petroleum, aviation, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, plastics extrusion, food and beverage industries.

V Type Strength------Wedge Screen Series
We invest considerable strength for wedge screen, including flat wedge screen,wedge wire tube,wedge wire basket, sieve bend screen etc, widely used in coal screening, oil sand control, sewage treatment, chemical filtration,pulp filter paper,screening and supporting the use of deep well and submersible pumps filters, with a wealth of experience to provide customized production. In addition, our unique wedge screen equipment can produce 12m long tube.

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